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Modern Blocky Paint

Modern Blocky Paint is a free 3D multiplayer shooter game made in Unity, which offers its players stunning graphics and excellent gameplay. Notably design of the weapons, that thing does not forget about even the smallest detail. Adjustments were also made in the list of playable maps, which now includes ten unique and different places, where the brutal fight will take place and will conclude the battle between the blue and red team. Join one of them and fight for the victory of your team. Modern Blocky Paint is played by gamers from all around the world, become the part of the online community of this multiplayer game too. Have fun.


  • Simple graphics in Minecraft style hosting a paintball game
  • 10 maps to play
  • 5 weapons to use (Pistol, SMC, ShotGun, Sniper, Launcher)
  • 2 available game modes (Team death match / death match)
  • Public and private game rooms
  • Game rooms for up to 30 simultaneously playing users
  • 6 options of graphics quality
  • Mouse sensitivity customization



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